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Zip Screen Awning Pool Courtyard


  • Sleek, modern design, unique side retention system that keeps fabric taut and secure.

  •  Ideal for enclosing outdoor entertaining areas

  • Residential or commercial applications.

  • Offering privacy, shade and protection from wind, rain and insects

  •  Spring, crank or motorized options

Pivot Arm Awning Outdoor


  • Stylish, modern design with fixed arm projections.

  • Suitable for outward opening windows and multi-level buildings where external access is limited.

  • Maximum projection of 1.5m.

  • Motorised or internal winch box operation.

Awning Entertaining Area Pool


  • Cover your outdoor space when needed.

  • Retract and fold away with the touch of a button, a simple crank handle, or remote control.

  • Varying widths and projections to suit your needs. Can be fitted under eaves or open, flat walls.

  • 5 to 65 degree inclinations. SS fixings. Sun & Wind sensors available

Side Channel Awning Balcony Privacy


  • Suitable for outdoor terraces, balconies and decks for shade and privacy.

  • Manual operation only.

  • Powder-coated side channels, hoods and base rails.

  • Can be raised or lowered as required.

Wire guide awning outdoor


  • Perfect for all types of applications.

  • SS wires & brackets, choice of lock-down points.

  • Spring, manual or motorized operation.

  • Large selection of external grade Sunscreen, Acrylic or Canvas fabrics.

  • Custom powder-coat colours to match your exterior.

Tradtional Awning Bedroom Window


  • The automatic (or traditional) awning is best suited for windows at ground level.

  • Maximum width of 4.2m. Manual operation.

  • Suits any external grade Sunscreen, Acrylic or Canvas fabric.

  • Scalloped or straight valances.

  • SS arms & guides.

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